1500 - 1763 Discovery and First Spanish Period
1763 - 1783 English Period
1783 - 1821 Second Spanish Period
1821 - 1845 Territorial Period
1845 - Statehood
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1861 - 1865 Civil War
Gulf Stream The Mapping of the Current

Map of the Seat of War in Florida
Mackay, Capt. John and Lieut. J. Blake. U.S. Topographical Engineers.
Compiled by order of Bvt. Brigr. Genl. Z. Taylor at Headquarters Army of the South, Tampa Bay, Florida.

This very large (44”H x 31”W) copper engraved map of Florida is a favorite of Florida map collectors but because of its size it is rarely framed and is usually re-folded to fit in a flat file drawer.

The interior has details showing wooded areas, many roads, rivers, towns, battle sites, lakes and all the existing Seminole war forts (over 70).

The western part of Florida is shown only as far as Tallahassee and St. Marks on the Waucullah River. To the south are Lake Okeechobee – or Big Water – and the “District assigned to the Seminoles by the arrangement of Genl. Macomb May 18, 1839,” which occupies the whole western part of the lower one third or more of the peninsula. The Everglades is called “Pay-Hay-O-Kee” or Glass Water. No keys are shown south of Barnes Sound and Key Largo (unnamed).