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1783 - 1821 Second Spanish Period
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Gulf Stream The Mapping of the Current

Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique de la Floride
Lucas, Fielding (1781-1854)

This steel engraved map of Florida is a 14” x 12” inset on a lithographed sheet 22” high by 25.5” wide with detailed descriptions of Florida on both sides and the bottom. It is a French copy of the Carey and Lea map. It has two counties: Escambia in the northwest and St. Johns in the eastern and entire mid and southern portion of the peninsula. The St. John River originates in Mayaco L. (Lake Okeechobee). Other than some lakes along that river and coastal rivers, very few details are shown. In many ways it is similar to the Tanner two county map. It was engraved by B. de Beaupre in Paris and published by Jean Alexandre C. Buchon in the Atlas Geographique, Statistique, Historique et Chronologique des deux Ameriques, which is the French edition Carey & Leas American Atlas of 1822.

The description lists two Governors: 1821 Andrew Jackson and 1822 William T. Duval.