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Gulf Stream The Mapping of the Current

Mappa Fluxus et Refluxus rationes in Isthmo America... etc. Published in Mundus Subterraneus in Amsterdam 1665, 1668, and 1678
Kircher, Athanasius (c. 1601-1680)

This was the first published chart to depict the ocean currents. This chart of the western hemisphere and oceans accompanied a similar one of the whole world and its ocean currents. Though some scholars say he probably guessed how the currents flowed, he certainly got them right for the most part. Explorers and traders from many countries found out about the ocean currents the hard way and obviously passed the information on to others.

Athanasius Kircher was born in Germany and became a geographer, astronomer, mathematician and engraver as well as a traveler and linguist - obviously a genius of his time. He settled in Rome and wrote a treatis on magnetic compass variations, the source of the Nile River and other topics; many included in the 1665 publication. He postulated that the inner part of the earth supplied the springs and rivers of the world and to replenish the supply, the oceans dumped water back into the subterranean area at the poles. An interesting theory.

This chart shows the gyres of the northern and southern Equatorial currents and shows how a branch of the southern current supplied the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. It does not show the "Florida Stream" but shows the northern current flowing along the east coast of North America.