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Gulf Stream The Mapping of the Current

Atlantic or Western Ocean
Jones, Benjamin (fl. 1778-1809)

This chart is a large one showing one arc of the Gulf Stream going from the Gulf of Florida north to the Grand Bank then curving southeast to the Senegal coast of Africa which is labeled "Azanhaga." It has arrows pointing the direction of the stream and shows winds from northeast to southwest and indicates the "usual course from Britain to the West Indies, Carolina and Virginia for sake of the Trade Winds" south of the stream and "course from Britain to St. John in Newfoundland" north of the stream.

Benjamin Jones was an engraver in Philadelphia active between 1778 & 1809. The chart is reputedly from the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society No. V, Philadelphia, 1799. However, it is not mentioned in many of the usual references and is not often seen. This later chart is a smaller copy of the Pownall chart published by Robert Sayer in A Pilot for the West Indies in 1787. It was copied again in John Thompson’s New General Atlas of 1827. Thompson gives credit to Pownall in the image of the stream.