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Gulf Stream The Mapping of the Current

Hydrographical Map of the Atlantic Ocean
DeBrahm, John Gerard William (c.1717-1799)

DeBrahm was the surveryor General of the Southern District of North America appointed by the British King during the period of English ownership of Florida (1763-1783). Though he was not the first to describe the Gulf Stream, he was the one whose naming of it persisted, "the Florida commonly called Gulf Stream..." The chart shows an arc from the Florida Keys up to Newfoundland Bank then curving east to Western or Azores Isles, then curving to the south. There is a northern portion coming from the north and joining the arc northwest of the Azores. The exact meaning of this is not clear. It also shows his sailing tract from Charlestown, South Carolina to the English Channel made in "fourty-four days." The only land areas shown are Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina in the southwest and a small portion of the British and French coast.

The engraver was Peter Andrews.

This is the first Published chart and description of the Gulf Stream because Franklin did not publish his description and chart until 1786, even though he named it in 1762, but not on a chart.