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Gulf Stream The Mapping of the Current

Chart of the Gulf Stream showing its Axis and Limits... etc.
Bache, Alexander Dallas (fl. 1854-1865)

A.D. Bache was the great grandson of Benjamin Franklin who was responsible for the first mapping of the Gulf Stream. Bache was Superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey. This chart was based on explorations in the U.S. Coast Survey between 1854 and 1860. It shows the main axis of the stream as the dark band closest to the coast. As it spreads out to the north and northeast, the current is not as strong and not as warm. Inside the main axis (closer to the shore) is the cooler counter current which is not nerly as strong.

The chart was drawn by L.D. Williams and lithographed by August Hoen & Company in Baltimore. A printed line at the right lower margin says "Eng'd by W. Ogilvie & App F.W. Ben." This probably refers to an earlier chart of the coast produced by the U.S. Coast Survey in 1857.

This chart was copied by the French Depot des Cartes et Plans de la Marine and published in 1862. Click here to view the chart.