1500 - 1763 Discovery and First Spanish Period
1763 - 1783 English Period
1783 - 1821 Second Spanish Period
1821 - 1845 Territorial Period
1845 - Statehood
and Later
1861 - 1865 Civil War
Gulf Stream The Mapping of the Current

Discovery & the First Spanish Period

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There are few available maps of Florida from this early period called the First Spanish Period (actually 1565-1763). Very few maps are available from the Spanish archives. Mapmakers from other nations continued to use the name Florida on regional maps and hemisphere maps but the exact size of the designated area was open to question or open to political expedience. Even though some of the maps are not limited to Florida as we know it, they are of interest because of the variations and reasons why the discrepancies existed.

Cantino Planisphere
Cantino Planisphere
Sebastian Munster's Novus Orbis
Novus Orbis
Munster, Sebastian (1489-1552)
Mapa de la Florida y Laguna de Maimi donde se ha de hacer un Fuerte
Mapa de la Florida y Laguna de Maimi donde se ha de hacer un Fuerte
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