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Gulf Stream The Mapping of the Current

Novus Orbis
Munster, Sebastian (1489-1552)

This map by Munster is the earliest obtainable map showing the name Florida; the term Terra Florida is applied to the entire area of what is now the United States; to the northeast is Francisca which applies to New France or what is now Canada; and to the south of the river Panuco are the terms Chamaho and Temistlan, referring to what later became Mexico.

The map came out in several editions from 1540 to 1578 and the earlier editions were in his Cosmographia. An important feature of this map is the depiction of the Sea of Verrazzano separating Terra Florida from Francisca. It was named for the Italian Giovani Verrazzano who sailed by Pamlico Sound and mistakenly called it the Pacific Ocean (a route to the East Indies).